Our Eco Warrior Credentials - An Eco Friendly Gift Shop

Founding an Eco Friendly Gift Shop

Maya, SUSTAINER CONTAINER FounderSustainer Container was founded by me, Maya in April 2020, just before I graduated from university. Before starting my eco friendly gift shop I was (and still am) worried about the environment and the fact that the choices I made everyday were contributing to climate change. I was doing everything I could to be as environmentally conscious as possible: recycling, buying packaging free options where possible and reducing energy usage at home. But, as a student I was unable to afford the often expensive eco friendly product swaps. If you are on the look out for a gift for an eco conscious student, take a peak at our Sustainable University Student Starter Pack.

By 2030 Climate Change Could Be IRREVERSIBLE!!!

Plastic PollutionLike many other people who watched Blue Planet in 2018, I was shocked and moved by the extent of climate change and the massive impact it is having on nature. The following year I watched the War On Plastic with Hugh and Anita, which made me realise the impact of the plastic products I used everyday. I was inspired to learn more about the environment and discovered that climate change could be irreversible by 2030 - a fact which hugely shocked me. I began altering my lifestyle, doing my best to be more environmentally conscious in the decisions I made.

What prompted starting an eco friendly gift shop?

Houseplant GiftIn September 2019 my sister started university and my parents and I wanted a gift to help her settle into her new university halls. Like many young people, my sister is a self-proclaimed eco warrior and we wanted a practical eco friendly gift for a new student, that would help her to live sustainably at university. However, we couldn’t find any eco friendly gifts designed for students and ended up getting her an Aloe Vera plant instead - whilst it was a lovely plant, it didn’t help her to live sustainably like we had hoped.

Struggling to find an eco friendly gift for my sister and motivated by my own passion for sustainability, I began investigating starting my own eco friendly gift shop and began coming up with the idea for Sustainer Container. I decided I wanted to make it easy for you to find practical, eco friendly gifts that would help you to give the gift of sustainability to loved ones - browse planet saving presents.

I now run Sustainer Container alongside my eco-friendly Virtual Assistant service, Planner Bee VA Services.

Treat your Loved One and the Planet with Eco Friendly Gifts

Eco Friendly Gift Shop - Gift WrappingSustainer Container makes it easier than ever to treat your loved one and the planet with our eco friendly gifts. I have researched sustainable alternatives to everyday products and compiled them into beautiful gift boxes filled with practical items, which you can trust are the best option for the planet. I'm also on a mission to make sending sustainable gifts to loved ones from afar as hassle free as possible. To do this, I am happy to include a handmade personalised card within gift orders, so that you can include a personal message with your gift, at no extra cost! Additionally, I also offer a gift wrapping service - to help you gift the perfect personal present. Simply add our Earth Friendly Reusable Wrapping Paper to your basked along with your gift and leave a note at the checkout to let me know you would like your gift to be wrapped. I will then beautifully wrap your gift using reusable wrapping paper, which becomes an additional part of the gift and can be reused over and over again by the recipient.

I love going the extra mile to make your loved one smile and provide the perfect personal present and all orders also include free seed paper. The seed paper is handmade by me using recycled egg boxes. To plant you simply soak the paper in water and then place in a plant pot under a thin layer of soil, water regularly and watch your bee friendly wildflowers grow! Treat your loved one and the planet with our eco friendly gifts.

An Eco Friendly Gift Shop - Our E.C.O. Ethos

Everything Eco - Eco Friendly Product Swaps Carbon EmissionsAs an eco friendly gift shop, E.C.O. is at the heart of everything we do. My aim for Sustainer Container is to help the environment through providing eco friendly gifts which are the best possible option for the planet. This is achieved through my E.C.O. (Ethical, Creating Change, Optimism) Ethos, which is at the heart of everything I do. Being ethical in my provision of eco friendly gifts means that all of the products included within our boxes are thoroughly researched and our long product descriptions bring you complete transparency about the environmental impact of each product. Our boxes have been chosen because not only are they made from recycled card but the separate lid and high quality finish means they are perfect to reuse as storage or a gift box. Plus, all of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. I have also worked out the carbon emissions saved by using our eco friendly product swaps, because who doesn't want to save the same carbon as is used when driving 16.6 miles, by making simple sustainable swaps?! Shop simple sustainable swaps.

Additionally, I am passionate about creating positive environmental change through helping others to adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle. Sustainer Container inspires people to uncover their inner eco warrior, not only through our products but also through our weekly blog posts which include plant-based recipes, information about issues affecting the planet such as fast fashion, and much more.

Being optimistic about the collective change we can bring is another important principle of Sustainer Container. The scale of climate change can seem overwhelming but it is important to take small steps to do your best to be more eco friendly. For example, the average person uses 300 toothbrushes during their lifetime. Consider the impact that just one small swap to a bamboo toothbrush can do and the reduction in plastic waste!!

Eco Friendly Gift Shop Reviews

Although SUSTAINER CONTAINER has only been open for a few months, we have already received some wonderful 5 star reviews to help give you confidence in your eco friendly purchase:

Eco Warrior GiftsEco Friendly Product Swap Gifts

"A lovely box full of wonderful things - my 27 year old daughter loved it. Would have no hesitation in recommending this business and the customer service was first class."

(Review of our Everything Eco Boxes)


Eco Friendly Gifts For StudentsEco Friendly Gifts For Students

"I bought this for my nephew who started University this year. It has everything he needs to get started. He loved it and we were both so impressed with the quality."

(Review of our Sustainable University Student Starter Pack)


Give the Gift of Sustainability

To make it as easy as possible for you to give the gift of sustainability, I have compiled everything you need to start living your best eco life into beautiful, reusable gift boxes. I make it as easy as possible for you to send the perfect personal present with handmade personalised gift cards and the option of gift wrapping, makes Sustainer Container products the perfect eco friendly gift idea for the eco warrior in your life. Plus, our boxes are available for less than the products cost individually, making our sustainable boxes the most affordable way to start your eco warrior journey. Our E.C.O. ethos extends to all aspects of Sustainer Container and I provide the carbon emissions saved by using our products meaning you can trust that your eco friendly gift really is the best option for the planet!

Ready to treat your loved one and the planet?  Shop planet saving presents here. Still undecided? Take a look at our FAQ's to find the answer to your question. Or have a look at what previous customers have said about this eco friendly gift shop, Sustainer Container:
Everything Eco Box"I bought this as a gift for a relative who is trying to switch to ethical products. She was thrilled with everything in this carefully thought out box of goodies. The website is well designed and very easy to order from and the box arrived very quickly. I will definitely buy more from Sustainer Container!!"
(Review of our Everything Eco Box)