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Searching for an Eco Friendly Gift for a Student?

Aloe Vera PlantSUSTAINER CONTAINER was founded by me, Maya, after my sister started university in September 2019. My parents and I wanted a gift to help her settle into her new university halls. Like many young people, my sister is a self-proclaimed eco warrior and we wanted an eco friendly gift for a new student, that would help her to live sustainably at university. However, we couldn’t find any eco friendly gifts designed for students and ended up getting her an Aloe Vera plant instead - whilst it was a lovely plant, it didn’t help her to live sustainably like we had hoped.

If you are facing the same struggle and looking for an eco friendly gift for a student, have a look at our Sustainable University Student Starter Pack.

Affordable Boxes of Eco Friendly Product Swaps

Maya, SUSTAINER CONTAINER FounderI was (and still am) worried about the environment and the fact that the choices I made everyday were contributing to climate change. I was doing everything I could to be as environmentally conscious as possible: recycling, buying packaging free options where possible and reducing energy usage at home. But, as a student I was unable to afford the often expensive eco friendly product swaps. 

By 2030 Climate Change Could Be IRREVERSIBLE!!!

Like many other people who watched Blue Planet in 2018, I was shocked and moved by the extent of climate change and the massive impact it is having on nature. The following year I watched the War On Plastic with Hugh and Anita, which made me realise the impact of the plastic products I used everyday. I was inspired to learn more about the environment and discovered that climate change could be irreversible by 2030 - a fact which hugely shocked me. I began altering my lifestyle, doing my best to be more environmentally conscious in the decisions I made. Despite my best efforts, as a student I was unable to afford the often expensive eco friendly product swaps. I decided I wanted to launch a business with the aim of making eco friendly product swaps affordable, particularly for students and young people - browse the range.

The Best Products for the Planet

Plastic PollutionI started my eco friendly and ethical Scottish business during my final year as a student at the University of Edinburgh. For 7 months, I researched the best eco friendly product swaps and spoke to students about their desire to uncover their inner eco warrior, and the products that would help them achieve this. Initially I handmade a box using recycled cardboard and bought a few eco friendly product swaps which I used to gain feedback, to ensure I included the best sustainable products for students. The business was finally ready to launch in April 2020, which unfortunately coincided with the Covid-19 global pandemic, but ready to launch, I was determined to make it work and start creating positive environmental change, regardless of the circumstances. 

As a recent graduate, I know that becoming an eco warrior and altering your lifestyle to benefit the environment is no simple task. It can be difficult to know what actions you can take to benefit the environment, other than the obvious suggestions of recycling and using public transport. To help with this, I have put together 7 Easy Tips for Eco Friendly Living that you Haven’t Heard Before

7 Easy Eco Tips

Eco Friendly Product Swaps don't have to be Expensive!

When making eco friendly purchases, it is difficult to know which are the best eco friendly product swaps. Additionally, eco friendly product swaps tend to be more expensive than less sustainable options. Although eco friendly products are more expensive than non-sustainable alternatives, all of our products are high quality and can be used over and over again, saving you from buying multiple single-use products. By compiling eco products into boxes and sets, we are able to sell our collections of sustainable products for less than it would cost to buy these products individually, saving you money! Plus, I have spent months researching the best possible options for the environment so that you don’t have to - shop planet saving products.

The Best Eco Friendly Product Swaps

Everything Eco - Eco Friendly Product Swaps Carbon EmissionsThe aim of SUSTAINER CONTAINER is to help the environment through providing products which are the best possible option for the planet. This is achieved through my E.C.O. (Ethical, Creating Change and Optimism) Ethos, which is at the heart of everything I do. Being ethical in our provision of eco friendly product swaps means that all of the products included within our boxes are thoroughly researched and our long product descriptions bring you complete transparency about the environmental impact of each product. Our boxes have been chosen because not only are they made from recycled card but the separate lid and high quality finish means they are perfect to reuse as storage or a gift box. I have also worked our the carbon emissions saved by using our eco friendly product swaps, because who doesn't want to save the same carbon as is used when driving 16.6 miles, by making simple sustainable swaps?! Shop simple sustainable swaps.

Additionally, I am passionate about creating positive environmental change through helping others to adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle. SUSTAINER CONTAINER inspires people to uncover their inner eco warrior, not only through our products but also through our weekly blog posts which include plant-based recipes, crafts using recycled materials and much more. Being optimistic about the collective change we can bring is another important principle of SUSTAINER CONTAINER. The scale of climate change can seem overwhelming but it is important to take small steps to do your best to be more eco friendly. For example, the average person uses 300 toothbrushes during their lifetime. Consider the impact that just one small swap to a bamboo toothbrush can do and the reduction in plastic waste!!

Reviews of our Eco Friendly Product Swaps

Although SUSTAINER CONTAINER has only been open for a few months, we have already received some wonderful 5 star reviews to help give you confidence in your eco friendly purchase:

Eco Warrior GiftsEco Friendly Product Swap Gifts

"A lovely box full of wonderful things - my 27 year old daughter loved it. Would have no hesitation in recommending this business and the customer service was first class."

(Review of our Everything Eco Boxes)

Eco Friendly Gifts For Students

"Since I went off to college, I was always searching for anotherEco Friendly Gifts For Students way to become more eco-friendly. I am so happy I found Sustainer Container. They sent me a super cute box filled with bamboo cutlery, bee wraps, a notebook and pen, and soap. Oh! And even cute wildflower seeds. I'm so happy with my box, and you should consider getting one too!!"

(Review of our Eco Essentials Boxes)


The choices you make everyday are having an impact on the environment, uncover your inner eco warrior and start making more earth friendly choices today. To make it as easy as possible, I have compiled everything you need to start living your best eco life into beautiful, reusable boxes. The beautiful packaging (which is all reusable, recyclable or compostable) makes SUSTAINER CONTAINER products the perfect eco friendly gift idea for the eco warrior in your life, or a little treat for yourself (and the planet). Plus, our boxes are available for less than the products cost individually, making our sustainable boxes the most affordable way to start your eco warrior journey. Our E.C.O. ethos extends to all aspects of SUSTAINER CONTAINER meaning you can trust that your new eco friendly product swaps really are the best option for the planet!