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The Most Sustainable Products Handpicked For You

The Most Sustainable Products

When purchasing eco friendly products to use in your daily life, you want to know that these are not only the most sustainable products, but that you are supporting a business with an eco ethos at its core. As a fellow eco warrior, I completely understand the struggle of trying to find the most sustainable products from businesses that share your environmentalist principles. People are becoming more eco-conscious and as this begins to influence what we buy, large companies are jumping on the trend and “greenwashing” is becoming an ever bigger issue. “Greenwashing” is when a business promotes their products as being eco friendly, when their business model and core business principles remain environmentally unsustainable. As a small business, where I handpick the most sustainable products to include in our packs, our E.C.O ethos (Ethical, Creating change, Optimistic) is at the core of everything we do. For me, sustainability is a way of life and is integral in every business and life decision I make - shop eco friendly products used in daily life

The Most Sustainable Products - Eco Ethos

Carbon Emissions Saved by Using the Most Sustainable Products

Every product sold by SUSTAINER CONTAINER is handpicked and thoroughly researched and, to give you confidence in our E.C.O ethos, I provide the carbon emissions saved by each of our products! The carbon emissions saved are worked out based on you using the eco friendly products in your daily life for a year (or the lifespan of the product if less than a year e.g. 1 months supply of toothpaste tablets). These numbers reflect the carbon emissions saved by using our products rather than single-use and less sustainable alternatives. I have worked hard to provide these figures so that you can trust that we really do offer the most sustainable products. Who doesn’t want to save the same carbon as driving 16.3 miles, saved by using the products in our Everything Eco Box?!

Full details of the carbon emissions saved by each of our products are available in our product descriptions.

The Most Sustainable Products and Packaging

The most sustainable products and packaging

In addition to providing the carbon emissions saved by using our eco friendly products in your daily life, our packaging also follows our E.C.O ethos and is either reusable, recyclable or  compostable. This includes the boxes that our products are packaged in which are made from recycled cardboard and the beautiful boxes can be reused as storage in your home or as a gift box. Our reusable boxes are beautifully packaged using natural twine, which is compostable, and a SUSTAINER CONTAINER tag, which is both made from recycled materials and recyclable. Next, our boxes are wrapped in kraft paper and sealed with kraft paper tape and both the kraft paper and tape can be recycled. I endevour to provide not only the most sustainable products available, but also the most sustainable packaging - shop eco friendly products used in daily life.

E.C.O Ethos - Most Sustainable Products


Be the change you wish to see in the world

Being ethical is a core value because SUSTAINER CONTAINER is founded upon principles of helping the environment. Our main aim is to help prevent climate change, through providing the most sustainable products for the environment. We prioritise our ethical values and helping the environment over profit! Being as environmentally conscious as possible is at our core and this extends throughout our business, from our products to our packaging, with all of our packaging being either recyclable, reusable or compostable. Therefore, you can be confident that your purchase from SUSTAINER CONTAINER is the best possible option for the planet and includes the most sustainable products. Additionally, to make sustainable living more accessible, we sell our boxes of eco-friendly products for less than the products cost to buy individually.

Creating Change

Recycled paper bunting

Our second founding principle is creating change through helping others to help the environment. We want to inspire people to change their buying habits to question the environmental implications of their purchases and make more sustainable choices. The sustainable products we sell provide a starting point, to help you to make the initial step to be more environmentally conscious. But this is just the start, being eco-friendly isn’t just about the products that you buy, it is about the choices you make everyday- it really is a change in how you live your life. To help you with your sustainability journey, our blog offers a wealth of knowledge and tips, including vegan and vegetarian recipes to help you to reduce your meat consumption, as well as upcycling and craft projects to help you to reuse the items you own, such as DIY recycled bunting


It is easy to get overwhelmed with the scale of climate change and the problem we face, but our final value surrounds being optimistic about the change we can create together. It isn’t about living a perfectly eco-friendly lifestyle, it is about trying your best and doing what you can to make more sustainable choices- if we all do that, think of the impact we will have! Gradually more and more people are taking steps to become more environmentally conscious and making sustainable choices. We are optimistic that as more people do their best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, together we can create a change and help the environment.