Top Tips for a great Staycation

Ullapool, the Scottish HighlandsHaving had my holiday cancelled this year and instead opted for a break in the Scottish highlands in a staycation, I have discovered the benefits of a summer staycation. Not only did we get to experience the STUNNING scenery that the Scottish highlands have to offer (pictured right featuring my muddy doggie), staycations can also be significantly cheaper than trips abroad.  A staycation can also be the sustainable option, with long haul flights producing 102g CO2 per km compared to just 41g per mile by train and 28g per mile of coach travel!

Sandra, More Than Swim Founder Today's blog post is written by the lovely Sandra (pictured left) from More Than Swim, an empowering and eco friendly women's swimwear brand: "My swimwear is eco and ethically made in the UK. I design swimwear with original prints designed by myself to highlight the plight of endangered species. They are printed with eco-friendly inks, which are transferred directly onto the fabric. Garments are printed and cut to size. Handmade to order in the UK. A donation from each sale is made to Plastic oceans UK. Your delivery is offset with a donation being made to Amazon conservation." Here are some of Sandra's top tips for a great staycation:

What is a Staycation?

By definition ‘Staycation’ means: a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

You’re staying in the UK for your staycation this year, and you’re not sure what to pack? Where to go? What to do? I’ve got you covered!

Why a Staycation?

Highlands Castle ScotlandDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, for some of us, a staycation holiday is our onlyoption this year. So you ask, how do you get the most out of your staycation RnR? 
A staycation is a great way to help reduce our carbon foot print air travel is especially damaging to the environment.
 “Burning jet fuel releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Greenhouse gases block heat from escaping from the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise just like in a greenhouse.”

How to Prepare for your Staycation?

I’d suggest researching things in your local area, or if you’re travelling further afield, things you can do that are low cost but still fun. You can find out this information on local travel sites or look up the local council in that area and local amenities. 

Could you find a place with local nature walks? Or try wild swimming, it’s free! Plus, wild swimming is great exercise, beneficial for your skin and brilliant for your mental health.

I’d also suggest spending some time each day (at least an hour or two) detoxing from social media by turning off your phone, laptop or tablet. 

3 ideas for your Staycation - There is loads to do! 

Highlands Beach, Scotland 1. Budget camping by the seaside: Great for getting away from it all!

2. Forest holidays, chalet holiday (also a great romantic getaway)

3. Otherwise try an organic farm break, great for eco luxury and foodies  






What to pack for your Staycation?

You’ve got options. Ideally you want to pack smart, so items that: 

A. Don't take up too much space

B. Can be paired with several different items of clothing.

For example if you were to go: glamping in Cornwall, you get the perfect double; sun and sea! So packing necessities would include swimwear like my Leopard Print Bikini and Sea Turtle and Snake Skin Print Swimsuits

 Packing Essentials

More Than SwimMy swimsuits especially can be paired with key pieces for daywear e.g. worn as a body with jeans. Or on an afternoon out with a floaty skirt a gorgeous necklace and lace up flip-flops for a dressed up bohemian look.

Some cutoff shorts, (with bikini or a floaty granddad shirt (a perfect effortless look.)

A pair of jeans, (boyfriend jeans are perfect, a slightly looser fit and versatile with a t-shirt during the day and shawl at night!

A loose cotton skirt and a halter neck dress (I can wear over my bikini at the end of the beach day and if it’s cool a shawl and jean jacket to travel with.)

Layers are so important when the weather is unpredictable because you can take off or add as needed.


The most important thing to do is enjoy your staycation but also put a little thought into where, how and what you do. If you can reduce your carbon footprint by thinking about your activities and what you buy and pack all the better, including re-inventing an outfit for you holiday as suggested! Shop staycation essentials over at More Than Swim.


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