Why our eco friendly boxes make the perfect care package for UK students.

Sustainable Care Packages for UK Students

The Manner of Giving is Worth More than the Gift

The recent return of students to university and the spike in Coronavirus cases at universities across the UK has led to a surge of worried parents ordering our eco friendly boxes as a care package for students stranded in halls. As a recent graduate myself and with my sister studying away at University in Edinburgh, I can understand how stressful this time is, both for students and parents. I am thrilled that my sustainable student products are helping family members to connect with and send love to students, to brighten up their day during this difficult time. Our eco friendly gift boxes, particularly our Sustainable University Student Starter Kits, are the perfect care package for UK students - Shop UK student care packages here.

Why our eco friendly boxes make the perfect care package for UK students?

  1. Student Care Package UK
    A unique UK student care package, put together by a UK based recent graduate.
  2. A practical gift that contains sustainable student essentials 
  3. Every UK student care package should include a houseplant
  4. Free personalisation options - include a message with a handmade personalised gift card included with your order 

1. A Unique UK Student Care Package

Having just graduated from a UK university in July, I understand the stress of starting or returning to university each year and can only imagine the additional strain that the current pandemic is imposing on current students. Particularly those who have chosen to move out of their family home at the promise of in person teaching and a (if slightly different) university lifestyle. With increasing numbers of students being told to self-isolate in small flats or university halls, sending a care package to students at UK universities is a lovely way to brighten up their day. Our Sustainable University Student Starter Pack is something a bit different and perfect for environmentally conscious students who are worried about climate change but perhaps cannot afford to buy themselves eco friendly products. Plus, the University Student Starter Pack was put together based on interviews with current students, ensuring it contains the most useful products suited to the university lifestyle.

2. A Practical Student Care Package

Student Care Package UK - Stationery

Being sent a gift is always exciting, and it is always nice to receive a gift that is not only a treat, but is also useful. Our Sustainable Stationery Sets would make the perfect care package for UK students, because who doesn’t love new stationery? But as well as being a treat, the recycled paper notebook and refillable bamboo pen can be used for lecture notes and also benefit the environment by reducing single-use plastic.

UK Student Care Package - Gift Box

Looking for something bigger to send to a student at a UK university as a care package? Our Sustainable University Student Starter Pack contains our sustainable stationery (an A5 recycled paper notebook and refillable bamboo pen) as well as lots of other useful eco friendly items. The pack includes a beeswax wrap, a reusable alternative to clingfilm - perfect for covering plates to store excess takeaway food in the fridge for tomorrow. Additionally, a bamboo cutlery and straw set can be used for lunches on campus once in person teaching resumes and the bamboo straw can be used to replace plastic straws for having drinks at the flat. Finally a 2 in 1 shampoo and soap bar with a delicious lemongrass, lavender and tea tree scent can be used both for hand-washing and to try using a shampoo bar instead of bottled soap and shampoo. All packaged inside a beautiful reusable box which is available in a choice of colours. Not only is the box made from recycled paper, but it has been chosen because it is perfect for reusing as storage in a student bedroom and has a separate lid and base,

3. Student Care Package UK - Grow your own houseplant with our extra freebie

As a recent graduate myself, I know the joy that growing a houseplant can bring and the massive improvement houseplants can make to the aesthetic of student accommodation. I therefore include seed paper with all orders at no extra cost. The seed paper is made from recycled egg boxes and can be planted to grow wildflowers - the perfect self-isolation activity for students. To plant, you can reuse a clean tin or jar, rather than having to purchase a plastic plant pot. Place pebbles at the bottom of the tin/ jar to provide drainage and fill with soil, then place the seed paper on top. Cover the seed paper with a thin layer of soil. Finally water thoroughly. Seed paper makes the perfect addition to your sustainable care package for a UK student.

4. Personalise your student care package UK

Personalised cards for student care packages

As a small business, I love providing a personalised gifting experience and offer a free handmade personalised card if you are ordering a gift. These personalised cards are a great way to include a message with the care package that you are sending to a student at a UK university. Not only can you choose the message for the inside of the card to let the student know who their care package is from, but you can also choose a short message for the front of the card such as “Sending you love” or “Keep smiling”.

The beautiful packaging of our eco friendly products means students will enjoy the experience of opening their care package. Our products are tied with natural twine - like ribbon on a gift, for the perfect unwrapping experience. Then the products are wrapped in kraft paper and sealed with kraft paper tape, which is completely recyclable, for the complete unwrapping experience.

If you are looking for a care package for a UK student who is self-isolating or simply deserves a little treat then browse our eco friendly range for practical, personal gifts, chosen by students for students.

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