Recycled Craft- Candles Using Old Candle Wax

By Maya

Looking for a way to use up the annoying bit of wax that is left at the end of a Homemade large candlescandle? Instead of wasting, reuse the wax by melting to create a brand new candle! A great, recycled craft to spruce up your home, or to give as a gift! These instructions will show you how to make a candle from old candle wax or wax from a wax burner.

What you will need for your recycled craft:

  • Wax from old candles or from a wax burner
  • Candle wicks
  • Jars to put your new candles into, we reused old jam jars

Recycled Candle Wax Craft Instructions

Instructions for wax from a wax burner:

  1. Using wax from a wax burner is definitely the easiest option. To melt the wax, simply light the tea-light in the wax burner as usual.
  2. Once the wax has liquidised, hold your wick in place and carefully pour the wax into your jar around the wick. There tends to only be small amounts of wax in a wax burner, so we used mini jam jars.
  3. To cool the wax more quickly, we placed our jars into a pan of cold water Mini Candlesbut make sure you leave the wax to cool a little first to ensure the jar does not crack. After the wax has turned back into a solid, pour the next type of wax on top. Waiting until the wax has solidified before doing this will create distinct lines between the different layers, this is most effective when using wax of different colours wax. 
  4. Repeat until you have filled your jar- your new candle is finished!


Instructions for old candle wax:

  1. Break up your old candle wax into small pieces (the smaller the pieces the quicker they will melt) and remove the wick and any pieces of metal
  2. Melt the wax, now this is easier said than done and despite Google tellingWax melting us to microwave the wax, we found the microwave did very little and would have taken a very long time. Instead we boiled water in a pan on a hob. We put the wax into old tins and held the tins into the water using cooking tongs.Although a bit of a faff, we found this to be quite fun and an effective way to melt the wax. But if you have an old bowl, you could use a bowl instead, which would be easier because the bowl will not need holding in place. 
  3. Once completely melted, hold the wick in place and carefully pour the wax into the jars around the wick- this time we had more wax so used large jam jars.
  4. Candle wax coolingAgain, wait until the wax has cooled down (place the jars into cold water to cool faster) and solidified before adding the next layer of wax. We had plenty of wax to use so made our candles using only one type of wax, rather than layering and your candles are finished!

If you find an easier way to melt the wax, comment to let us know! We would love to hear whether you enjoyed this recycled craft and to see photos of your new candles, feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook.


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