How to have an eco Christmas?

Here are my top tips for how to have an eco friendly Christmas:

Plastic Free Christmas Kit

As well as being the most joyous time of year, Christmas is also the most wasteful time of year. The guilt I felt about the waste I produced at Christmas inspired me to put together a Plastic Free Christmas Kit, everything you need to go plastic free this Christmas and into 2021 - go plastic free this Christmas, shop the Kit

The waste produced at Christmas means one of the easiest ways to have an eco Christmas is by reducing the plastic waste you are producing. So, how do you go plastic free and have an eco Christmas? Here are my top tips for having an eco Christmas:

  1. Rethink your wrapping
  2. Cutting down on Christmas cards
  3. Choosing eco friendly Christmas decs
  4. Simple sustainable home swaps
  5. Giving eco friendly Christmas gifts

1. How to have an eco Christmas - Rethink your wrapping

How to have an eco Christmas - rethinking wrapping paper

Shockingly, 5 million tonnes of wrapping paper are sent to landfill every year in the UK!! But, rethinking your wrapping does not have to mean you abandon wrapping your gifts altogether. Instead of using conventional wrapping paper, which often cannot be recycled, consider swapping to recyclable kraft paper. Now, I know that kraft paper is plain brown, which is nowhere near as fun as conventional wrapping paper with a funky pattern. BUT, instead of seeing this as a negative, think of it as an opportunity to personalise your gift wrapping. If you are creative, you could have ago at decorating the paper yourself. Alternatively, tie your packages with natural twine (which unlike ribbon, is compostable) and attach seasonal foliage - this can look unique and can really jazz up your wrapping. Remember, ordinary sellotape is not recyclable, so instead seal your wrapping using kraft paper tape, for a fully recyclable parcel. 

If you prefer your wrapping paper to be patterned and swapping to brown kraft paper just isn’t for you, try swapping to reusable wrapping paper. Included within our Plastic Free Christmas Kit is a sheet of reusable wrapping paper which can be folded to wrap parcels of different sizes. The paper comes with string which is used instead of tape to seal your gift as well as a matching reusable message card pouch. Additionally, the wrapping paper is double sided, with a Christmas print on one side and a more neutral striped print on the back - for use year round. As well as helping you reduce your plastic waste, each sheet of reusable wrapping paper is made from 12 waste plastic bottles! Get your reusable wrapping paper inside our Plastic Free Christmas Kit or buy your Earth Friendly Reusable Wrapping Paper individually.

Eco friendly Christmas wrapping

In addition to utilising reusable wrapping paper, a reusable gift box is another easy way to reduce the plastic waste and have an eco Christmas. Gift boxes can be tied with compostable natural twine and you could also add seasonal foliage, to spruce up your gift box. Then, the boxes can be reused year after year, or reused by the recipient as a little storage box for their home. Our Plastic Free Christmas Kit comes packaged inside a box which is perfect to reuse as a gift box for an eco Christmas.

2. How to have an eco Christmas - Cutting down on Christmas cards

Eco friendly Christmas cards

In the UK, every year 1 BILLION Christmas cards are thrown in the bin rather than being recycled. Admittedly, sending Christmas cards is something I have struggled to give up completely, but I have massively cut down and now only send cards to close family. I also try to ensure I am only purchasing recyclable cards. A top tip for how to have an eco Christmas is to write a little message inside any Christmas cards you are sending to let the recipient know that they are recyclable (I know the cards usually say on the back, but handwriting a message inside may increase the chances of the card being recycled by the recipient). 

If you are reluctant to completely abandon sending Christmas cards, the Plastic Free Christmas Kit includes a seed paper Christmas card. The card can be planted by the recipient to grow wildflowers and the envelope is made from recycled paper - a quirky and fun way of having an eco Christmas.

3. How to have an eco Christmas - Choosing eco friendly Christmas decs

Many festive decorations including tinsel and baubles (glass or plastic) cannot be recycled. Therefore, if you are looking for new tinsel or baubles, try charity shopping before buying brand new decs. Getting your Christmas decorations second hand is not only better for the environment but will also help you to save money during what can be, the most expensive time of year.

Plastic Free Christmas Kit

As well as baubles and tinsel, candles are another popular decorative item during the festive season. There’s nothing like a candle to get cosy on a cold winter night, but did you know that scented candles can produce toxins which are harmful both to the environment and our bodies! Most candles contain paraffin wax, which releases toxins into the air when burnt, soy wax candles are a more environmentally friendly candle alternative. Scented soy wax candles are made from natural ingredients, meaning no harmful toxins are released into the air. Our Plastic Free Christmas Kit includes a festive cedarwood and spice scented soy wax candle - get yours here.

4. How to have an eco Christmas - simple sustainable home swaps

Christmas is the perfect time of year to make some simple sustainable home swaps, to get ahead for your eco new year's resolutions. With all the hand washing we are being encouraged to do at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic, festive soap will be a Christmas essential this year. But, instead of buying liquid soap packaged in a plastic bottle, consider swapping to a soap bar with recyclable cardboard packaging. The Plastic Free Christmas Kit includes a cinnamon and cedarwood soap bar, one of the easiest ways to have an eco Christmas.

5. How to have an eco Christmas - giving eco friendly Christmas gifts

Sustainable A5 Stationery Set

The UK is predicted to waste 60 million Christmas presents this year!! Choosing environmentally friendly and practical Christmas presents for loved ones is a great way to ensure you are not contributing to this wastage and have an eco Christmas. Our gift boxes are the perfect eco Christmas gift and include practical items including a 2 in 1 shampoo and soap bar, bamboo cutlery, beeswax wraps (a reusable alternative to clingfilm) and much more! Plus, our sustainable stationery sets make the perfect practical and environmentally friendly stocking filler - Shop eco friendly Christmas gifts.

From rethinking your wrapping and cutting down on Christmas cards to choosing eco friendly decorations, home products and Christmas gifts, these have been my top tips for how to have an eco Christmas. Do you have any other tips for how to have an eco Christmas? Let me know in the comments, I am always looking to find new ways to be more sustainable. If you are looking to go plastic free this Christmas and into 2021, make sure you take a look at our Plastic Free Christmas Kit.

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