5 Eco friendly mothers day Tips

5 Eco Friendly Mother's Day Tips

In the UK, Mothers Day 2021 falls on the 14th of March. Lockdown and the current Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to take a step back and assess what is really important to us and for many of us (including me) this has brought a greater appreciation for our mums and everything they do for us. In addition to bringing us a greater appreciation of our friends and family, for many of us lockdown has also brought an increased appreciation for the planet. With David Attenborough releasing his “witness statement” in the form of the documentary A Life On Our Planet in September 2020, more of us than ever are becoming aware of how our actions affect the planet and can contribute to climate change. 

As the founder of my own eco friendly gifting business, my increasing passion for helping the environment is rubbing off on those around me and my mum is becoming more and more aware of the impact her actions can have on the planet. Noticing this change led me to consider how we can have a more eco friendly Mother’s Day this year. Ready to browse eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts? Shop planet saving presents here, or continue reading for my top eco friendly Mother’s Day tips. 

Here are my top tips for having an eco friendly Mother’s Day UK in 2021:

  1. Mother’s Day cards - choosing the eco friendly option
  2. How to know if your Mother’s Day bouquet is sustainable?
  3. Choosing an eco friendly Mother’s Day gift
  4. Eco friendly Mother’s Day gift wrapping
  5. Gift an experience this Mother’s Day

Eco Friendly Mothers Day UK Tip 1: Mother’s Day cards - choosing the eco friendly option

Eco friendly mothers day - flowers and gifts

In the UK 30 million cards are sent to celebrate Mother’s Day!!! That’s a lot of paper and cardboard potentially ending up in landfill. My first tip for having an eco friendly Mother’s Day is to consider whether sending a card is essential? With all of our modern technology, could an email, text or video call suffice instead? 

If sending a Mother’s Day card is an essential for you, to make it as eco friendly as possible ensure you send a card which can be recycled. This could be a card you have made yourself - even if you are not creative, your mum will appreciate the time and thought that has gone into hand making her card. Plus, if it doesn’t turn out as you expect, it might give your mum a giggle instead! Be aware of how you decorate the card - if you are gluing extra elements onto the card, this is likely to mean it cannot be recycled. 

If you don’t fancy getting creative, ensure the card you purchase is recyclable - it will say on the back if it can be recycled, if it does not say anything this probably means the card cannot be recycled. Glitter or foil can also often be a sign that the card cannot be recycled. Alternatively, small businesses often offer the option of including a card with gift orders and can include a recyclable handmade personalised card with your eco friendly Mother’s Day gift order. Another tip would be to write a message inside the card to let your mum know it can be recycled

Eco Friendly Mother’s Day UK Tip 2: How to know if your bouquet is sustainable?

A mother is like a flower, beautiful and uniqueIn the UK, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists - even beating Valentine’s Day in terms of the number of bouquets sold, and flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gift given. According to Green Matters: “A sustainably sourced flower is a fresh cut flower that is not treated with pesticides and can be found, grown, and sold locally.” It is worth considering this criteria when flower shopping if you are trying to have an eco friendly Mother’s Day. In addition to this, I would add that a sustainable bouquet of flowers is also one that is plastic free. When shopping with local florists, ask for your bouquet of flowers to be wrapped in paper rather than plastic and be aware that oasis floral foam usually contains single use plastic. If you have a garden, another option would be to pick any daffodils or other flowers you have growing for an eco friendly Mother’s Day bouquet. 

Eco Friendly Mother’s Day UK Tip 3: Choosing an eco friendly Mother’s Day gift

Everything Eco Gift Box

If your mum is becoming more environmentally conscious, an eco friendly Mother’s Day gift could be the perfect option. For example, our Everything Eco Gift Box is the perfect practical gift which contains sustainable alternatives to everyday items. The box includes sustainable stationery, a beeswax wrap (reusable alternative to clingfilm), bamboo cutlery and straw case - perfect for taking with you for meals on the go. In addition to this, the box includes sustainable and plastic free toiletries including a 2 in 1 shampoo and soap bar, a bamboo toothbrush and 1 months supply of toothpaste tables. All packaged in a beautiful box which can be reused as a gift or storage box. If you are choosing an eco friendly Mother’s Day gift for 2021, it is worth investigating how your gift will be packaged to ensure it does not come wrapped in single use plastic which cannot be recycled. The packaging for all of our eco friendly gift boxes is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. 

Eco Friendly Mother’s Day UK Tip 4: Eco friendly Mother’s Day gift wrapping

Earth Friendly Reusable Wrapping Paper

So you have spent time researching and choosing the perfect eco friendly Mother’s Day gift and are ready to get wrapping, but wrapping paper and plastic tape often cannot be recycled. Kraft paper and paper tape is an alternative, more eco friendly option, which can be recycled after being unwrapped by your mum. If you are looking something jazzier than brown kraft paper, our Reusable Earth Friendly Wrapping Paper is a great eco friendly option. The wrapping paper has a spots and stripes design on one side which is perfect for Mother’s Day and a Christmas reindeer option on the back, so the paper can be used all year round. The Reusable Wrapping paper becomes part of the gift and can be used over and over again by your mum.

Eco Friendly Mother’s Day UK Tip 5: Gift an experience this Mother’s Day

Spa Day

My final tip for having an eco friendly Mother’s Day is to gift an experience, rather than the usual bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates. Whilst the current lockdown means that many experiences aren’t possible at the moment, giving a experience could be something for your mum to look forward to. You could choose an experience that you can do together such as a spa day or afternoon tea. Or otherwise why not gift your help to your mum, you could make a booklet filled with vouchers for different household activities that you pledge to do for your mum when she redeems the voucher. Alternatively, cook your mum her favourite dinner or if you can’t see your mum on Mother’s Day, send her an invite to you cooking her favourite meal when you can in the future. 

From choosing an eco friendly Mother’s Day card, sustainable bouquet and Mother’s Day gift to eco friendly gift wrapping and gifting an experience, these have been my top tips for having an eco friendly Mother’s Day in the UK. Ready to find your perfect eco friendly Mother’s Day gift? Shop planet saving presents here.

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