Top Tips for an Eco Friendly, Virtual Christmas Get Together

Todays blog post, exploring top tips for an eco friendly, virtual Christmas get together is written by Michelle from Fusion Events and Weddings and The Sustainable Wedding Alliance. Michelle is an experienced wedding planner based in Berkshire, and working in the surrounding areas. Specialising in creating ethical and sustainable weddings, Michelle will help you to bring your dream wedding day to life – and will support you when you are considering how to plan your wedding day! Check out her website or connect with Michelle on Instagram or Facebook for more information and to get in touch.

Christmas tree and baubles

With so much uncertainty around Christmas 2020, many of us are busy planning a virtual Christmas with our nearest and dearest. 

During the first lockdown, I think we all became masters of zoom, video calling friends and family each week to keep in touch, play quizzes and share a quarantini or two. Now in a second lockdown many people have ‘video call fatigue’ (yes, that’s a real thing these days!) and struggling to keep things engaging and fun. Check out our top tips to keep everyone online and having fun. 

Christmas Karaoke

Yes, that’s right! Karaoke! We all love a good sing song and there’s nothing better than a themed karaoke right, especially at Christmas. Put together a list of your favourite Christmas songs, google the lyrics and put them all together in a pretty little PDF. Ask everyone to pick a song (or two). They could even dress up as the artist. Make up awards for best effort, best dressed and most likely to get Santa on the dancefloor!  Don’t forget to make sure the person singing is also playing the music, otherwise there is likely to be a delay. 

Virtual Book Club

If you’re a bookworm and have a group of friends or family members that are too, why not start a virtual book club?  It doesn’t have to be a physical book, or purchased brand new, it could be an audio book or new to you. You could even buy the book as your Christmas gift to them. 

Kitchen Disco

Thanks to disco diva Sophie Ellis-Bextor, we now have such a thing as a kitchen disco! Why not put on the party tunes, invite everyone to a video call and get dancing. Why not get into the groove and dress up too! 

Distance Dining 

Virtual cooking course

If you love cooking and hosting dinner parties, then I imagine you’ll really be missing cooking something a little bit different. Why not get together with a group of friends, on an agreed night and video call whilst you’re all cooking the same menu? All you need to do is find a new recipe that you think your friends would like and share it in advance so they can buy everything they need. Be sustainable and choose something that includes seasonal produce. 

If you’d prefer to learn to cook something new, then how about a virtual cookery course with the Dinner LadiesThey offer private online classes for groups up to 20 or more! Choose from dumpling or taco making, how about some sustainable snacks?

Games Night 

It’s probably the most obvious, but it’s certainly the one that can involve everyone, a games night. Try to choose a game that is interactive, we like to play Colour Brain with a twist… You ask someone what colour is a…. and they would usually have to hold up a card with that colour on… but instead we have to find an object (not the one in the question) as the answer. For example… what colour is a jar of marmite… I would find a raisin and a banana… get it? Great fun for all ages. 

Tasting Time

How about a tasting evening… or afternoon? It can be anything you like, wine, beer or maybe even cheese. There are lots of organised options so it means that you don’t really need to do much, just find the one you like, order it and set a date! 

Get Crafty 

Wreath making workshop

Doing a virtual wreath making workshop is a great way to join with friends and do something crafty and practical. We all love having a fresh, green seasonal wreath on the door, and it’s all the better if you’ve made it yourself. In person workshops are happening this year, but talk to your local florist (or check out their instagram). Most are selling wreath kits that include everything you need, including a video tutorial. If you’re in Oxfordshire, we’d highly recommend Flowers by Kirsty, and in Berkshire Martin and the Magpie

If you’re creative, why not try and give it a go on your own? You can forage for the majority of foliage. It’s also a great way to be super sustainable!

If wreaths aren’t your thing, how about some lovely eco friendly festive decorations? Artist Zoe Murphy has teamed up with the Tuner Contemporary to offer Christmas Decoration kits. In the same way as the wreaths, you order your kit and receive a link to a tutorial. But with this one you can make along with Zoe live, from her Margate studio. 

Reminisce about the good old days

It can be really therapeutic to chat about the memories you share with your loved ones. Ask everyone to have a flick through old photos. Share stories and memories using the photos as prompts. You could have a theme too – maybe your favourite Christmas memory, or funny holiday stories. Its guaranteed to get you laughing, and maybe crying too, but the important thing is you’re not only sharing memories of the past but making memories for the future too! 

If there is one thing for certain, 2020 is a Christmas we will never forget! 

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