Easy DIY Bunting Decor

By Maya

Bunting is often used at birthdays and other celebrations, but plastic bunting SUSTAINER CONTAINER buntingwhich you may only use once could take up to 1000 years to decompose!! This eco-friendly bunting uses recycled materials and can be used to decorate for a party or special occasion, or simply to spruce up your home all year round. Plus, this easy DIY is a fun craft which uses everyday materials that you will already have at home! For our bunting, I used newspaper which gave the bunting a vintage feel and recycled tissue paper (that had been wrapped around a package) for the lettering.


What you will need:

  • String (length depends on how many flags you want to make)
  • Paper for the flags, recycled newspaper or magazines work great
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper or paper of a different colour for lettering or decorations


1. Cut triangles out of your newspaper, I went for 10cm along the top with 12cm Bunting flags cut out of newspapersides, but feel free to alter to make bigger or smaller flags. The number of flags you will need depends on the length of the bunting you would like or what you are going to spell. I made "SUSTAINER CONTAINER" bunting for our website launch, so I did 18 flags.

2. Tear up the tissue paper into small pieces

3. Glue the tissue paper pieces onto the flags, I went for 1 letter per flag which Bunting with tissue paper letteringwas very effective or you could also do numbers for a birthday. I looked online for a font that I liked and then attempted to copy it to keep my lettering consistent.

4. Hole-punch holes into the 2 top corners of each flag and feed the string through.

Ta da- your eco bunting is finished! To jazz up your bunting even more, add origami stars! When you have finished using your bunting, remember to take the flags off the string to recycle the paper.

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