DIY Home Decor - Origami Star Bunting

By Sally Stewart


OneRecycled paper star bunting decorating a wall of the most exciting things about moving into a new home is planning on how it will be decorated however, buying trinkets and fancy lights can be an expensive way to make your new living space look homely and welcoming. Here I will take you through the steps to making your own cheaper and sustainable decoration in the form of origami star bunting! Making homemade decorations like these will not only allow you to create exactly what you want but will also give you a unique design, prevent unnecessary consumerism and provide you with more sustainable decorations to brighten up your home.


I have used this star bunting, which didn’t take that long to make, to decorate my university room for the last four years. These dainty stars here are made using origami paper and a white sewing thread and that is all! You don’t even need to use specific origami paper as newspaper, an old map, coloured paper or even magazine pages will also work. As long as you cut the sheets into a square, you will be able to make the star shapes pictured here.


You will need:

  • Origami paper (as many sheets as you want stars)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • Drawing pin/ tac (optional)


To make the stars:

  1. Recycled Newspaper DIY Origami StarI followed a Youtube tutorial which I found to be much easier to follow than written instructions, so I have included the link to the video I used here. You can make as many stars as you’d like, I made six to make about 60cm of star bunting:


  1. Once you have made your stars, cut your thread into a suitable length to fit on all of your stars, accounting for some space in between them, around three inches of thread. Now, you need to make sure the stars sit at an equally spaced distance apart. To do this, all you need to do is tie knots in the strings to make sure they sit. You will need to tie each not as you put each of the stars on, don’t tie all the knots into the thread in advance as you’ll struggle to thread the stars through! So, make the first knot as far right as you would like the first star to sit.
  1. When you are ready to slide the first star on, make a very small slit into one of the points of the stars, just big enough to fit the thread through and slide the first star onto the thread, using a needle if it helps, until it meets the knot you have tied. If scissors seem too big, you can make a hole with a drawing pin. Tie another knot on the left side of the star point to secure it in place.
  1. Tie the next knot into the string for the next star, choosing how far apart you would like them to be spaced, I chose three inches apart. Slide on your next star and tie the second knot to secure it in place. Keep doing this until all your stars are threaded through and secure, creating a train of star bunting ready to be used to decorate your house or your room.


This bunting can be hung anywhere to decorate your place, you can hang these stars simply on a bare wall, or onto a mantle piece, or over the top of a mirror. Best of all, if you tire of these decorations and want to try something new, the stars are paper based and so are recyclable too!

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