• How to Choose the Perfect Exam Results Present?

    Despite the 2020 exam diet being cancelled across Scotland and the UK due to coronavirus, students will still receive recognition for their hard wo...
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    For the last couple of years, as I have become more aware of the growing problem of plastic pollution, I have been trying to reduce the plastic I ...
  • A Guide to Ethical Jewellery

    Just over a year ago, Stacy Dooley released her BBC documentary: Fashion's Dirty Secrets. Whilst I was already aware of fast fashion being problema...
  • Behind the Scenes of a Sustainable Scottish Shop

    SUSTAINER CONTAINER is a local business and is currently a one-woman-band, run by me, Maya. My sustainable gift shop is based between the cities of...
  • Low Waste Lockdown- How to be more sustainable?

    One of the few benefits of lockdown is the time it hasn’t given us to reflect on how we live our lives. For many of us, this has brought time to re...
  • Recycled Craft- Candles Using Old Candle Wax

    By Maya Looking for a way to use up the annoying bit of wax that is left at the end of a candle? Instead of wasting, reuse the wax by melting to cr...
  • Homemade Vegan Granola Recipe

    Granola is easy enough to buy in the shops but it is expensive and often loaded with refined sugar. Making this yourself is a much healthier alternative that works out cheaper in the long run and also means you can dd whatever you like into the mix!
  • Easy DIY Bunting Decor

    This eco-friendly bunting uses recycled materials and can be used to decorate for a party or special occasion, or simply to spruce up your home all year round.
  • Vegetable Stew Recipe

    Making a tasty vegetable stew is a great way to use up any sad looking vegetables you have left in your fridge to create a nutritious meal.
  • Sustainable Lockdown Living Tips- How to be more eco-friendly

    At this very stressful time, for many of us sustainability has (understandably) taken a back seat. But as we all become accustomed to this new way of life, perhaps this is the perfect time to start making those environmentally-friendly habits that we can take into post-lockdown life.
  • Vegan Spiced Biscuits

    In a time that everyone is baking banana bread, why not try something else (or both?) which also uses just a few basic ingredients. 
  • DIY Home Decor - Origami Star Bunting

    One of the most exciting things about moving into a new home is planning on how it will be decorated however, buying trinkets and fancy lights can be an expensive way to make your new living space look homely and welcoming. Here I will take you through the steps to making your own cheaper and sustainable decoration in the form of origami star bunting!